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shemeon nursing home care ltd
shemeon Nursing Home Care Ltd
shemeon Nursing Home care ltd

 Shemeon Nursing Home Care Ltd is a Registered  for Nursing & Elder Care Provider at your Home with supporting of Physiotherapy, medical items. Experienced in providing skill and competent tailored Home Care Packaged to assist you to live in the comfort of your Own Home !!

                 “Care to a Sufferer is Service to God”



  1. Your ChoiceYour Care is Completely determined by you.  determine the type of care. how is delivered and who deliverer it. 
  2. Flexible: Care is designed to be tailored individually to suit your need, Services can be combined in any way that suits your Lifestyles and level of independence. 
  3. Support for You 24/7: Our Team is on call 24/7. So we can help you when you need us the most. 
  4. ExperienceWe pride ourselves on our friendly and experienced staff who are Skill and highly qualified to assist you in your care. 

Services Are included (At Your Home )

  1. Senior Citizen or  Elder Care.

  2. ICU, HDU, Neuro – ICU (TracheostomyPEG Tube, Ventilated ) Patients Care at your Home 

  3. General Nursing Care. ( NG Feeding, Nebulization,  Oral, IV Medication according to Doctor order

  4. Doctor Visit (At Home). 

  5. Physiotherapy. 

  6. Dementia / Parkinson Patients Care at Home 

  7. Hospice and Palliative Care.

  8. Neonate Care / Baby Sitter. 

  9. Oxygen Cylinder Support (Rent / Sell). 

  10. Emergency Patients Transfer ( Dom / Inter)

  11. BiPAP/ CPAP Home Care Support.

  12.  Emergency Response for – Schedule Dialysis Patients, Dr. Appointment, Blood Investigation,  

  13. Random Service At Home : IV Antibiotic, Urinary  Catheterization, Tracheostomy Tube Changes, NG Tube insertion, according to your physician Order.

Why We Are Different from others :

  1. At First  we will make a home based Nursing Care plan  which is depends on Patients’ safety  as well as Disease Condition  Based Care Needs, by a  qualified instructor. 

  2. Our Care professionals has been screened for ( Tuberculosis- TB)

  3.  Care  Value aspect with compassionate, spiritual, emotional, intellectual.

  4. Care professional drug & alcohol abuse background check.

  5. Care Personnel  are trained about Basic infection control,  First Aid, CPR & AED.

Label: 1) (Critical Care Nurse) RN:

 Where require continuous vitals monitoring such as for ICU, HDU, , Neuro- ICU, patients. Which covers   Tracheostomy care (T T), Pressure Sore, IV Medication , Intake Output Chart ,  PEG /Feeding tube /Suction / Nebulization, CV/ Dialysis  Catheter  Care, CPAP-BIPAP,  Ventilated, and daily others necessary nursing Care.

Label: 2) General  Care Nurse:

 Where nurses will take wound care to Basic life support care, eg /NG Feeding, suction & nebulization,  IV Cannula , urinary Catheter, Minor  Dressing to Medication  and other routine Nursing Care. 

Label: 3) MATS /Nurse Technician / Paramedic: 

MATS / General Nursing/ paramedic  certified and Care  Based experienced to manage daily bedside care needs. Such as Dressing , NG feed, suction, Chest Physiotherapy, and many more bedside care activities according to Nursing Care plan,

Label: 4) Community  Care Assistant (CCA / PCA) :

Designed to assist with your daily bedside Necessity Such as, helping to bath, feeding, Positioning, mobilization, Walking Support ,and many more.

Allocation / Service Duration  

  1. Six (6) Hours.

  2. Eight (8) Hours.

  3. Twelve (12 )Hours.

  4. Twenty-four (24) Hours. “Emergency Medical Call ( Random)”

All Client Care is Supervised Regularly

  1. According to nursing care plan – Instructor whose duty included. 

  2. Regular Home Visits.

  3. Evaluation and monitoring of integrated Care progress.

  4. Revising / Update care plan.

  5. 24/7 Phone Support. 

Everything You Need to Know, What does a Nurse do at your home care Service?

shemeon Nursing Home care Ltd
shemeon nursing Home care ltd
shemeon nursing home care ltd
shemeon Nursing Home care Ltd
shemeon Nursing Home care Ltd
shemeon Nursing Home care Ltd

Shemeon Care Integrity

shemeon Nursing Home care Ltd
shemeon Nursing Home care Ltd
shemeon Nursing Home Care ltd
shemeon Nursing Home care Ltd
shemeon Nursing Home care Ltd
shemeon Nursing Home care Ltd
shemeon Nursing Home care Ltd
shemeon Nursing Home care Ltd
shemeon Nursing Home care Ltd
shemeon Nursing Home care Ltd

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